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Category: Documentary
Status: Finished
Release: Fall 2017
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Category: Movie
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Release: Early 2018
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I'm Dying Up Here
Category: Series
Status: In Development
Release: 2018
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Category: Series
Status: In Development
Release: 2018
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09/19/17  The Bad Batch Blu-...
09/23/17  Sunshower. Jim Car...
12/03/17  The Carol Burnett ...
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While another storm heads r way, craven republican sock puppets in service of sh... »

Latest News

25 Sep 2017
  Jim Carrey's TIFF Long Take Interview

When it comes to interviews, the longer the better! Why? Because it give us a chance to both learn and know more about our favorite artist. Recently, while at the Toronto Intern...
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24 Sep 2017
  Novel to be published end of the year

In a recently interview with W Magazine questions about Jim Carrey's upcoming projects were answered, giving a little bit more away of what we can expected, starting with Jim's ret...
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23 Sep 2017
  A Beautiful Conversation with reborn Jim Carrey by W

As fans we have already lost count at the number of articles and interviews we have read and seen. Because of that we know how rare it is to find a journalist who can ask the right...
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22 Sep 2017
  Jim Carrey Talks About Sequels

It's not a secret that Jim Carrey never has been a fan of doing sequels. In fact, he has only done two: "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" (1995) and "Dumb and Dumber To" (2014), eve...
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09/26 - 04:16    Re: Novel to be published end of the year
09/26 - 04:03    I love talking about GOD so many people r afraid to
09/26 - 01:00    Re: Music wise, what are you listening to right ...
09/26 - 00:58    Jim Carrey's TIFF Long Take Interview
09/25 - 20:08    I FOUND ATLANTIS!!!
09/25 - 10:49    Re: Jim Carrey's "Awkward" Truth.
09/24 - 08:55    Re: Sequels

Memorable Moments

               Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey arriving at the
74th Venice Film Festival!


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